The Place of Pottery in a Tuscan Kitchen

Tuscan inspired kitchens are all the rage in the United States these days. You see them on all sorts of television commercials, on magazine covers, and in many dreams across the country. There are some simple ways you can create a Tuscan feel in your kitchen without spending tens of thousands of dollars on renovating and ripping out walls, cabinets, floors, and such. One way is by adding a fair amount of pottery to your kitchen walls, counters, and backsplashes for a true Tuscan feel.

Tuscan kitchens are known for character. Distressed wood floors and tabletops that look old and distinguished are the perfect fit for the average Tuscan inspired kitchen as are pottery pieces that have an aged or weathered appearance and are rendered in tones befitting the sun-baked, earthy look and feel of the Tuscan region. Pottery bowls and pitchers in these kitchens should be used for more than mere decoration though they are appropriate for decorative purposes as well. You want most of the decorations to appear not only decorative but also useful, which is one reason pottery fits so well with the theme.

In addition to pottery, wooden bowls make an excellent addition to kitchens of this design as does wrought iron, grape vines, grape clusters, and wine bottles. But in the average Tuscan kitchen pottery has a tendency to upstage everything else. From pottery canisters to pottery crocks for holding utensils to pottery cake stands and dozens of potential pottery pieces in between there are plenty of opportunities to incorporate pottery into your Tuscan kitchen theme without breaking a sweat and it will seem perfectly appropriate too. Who could really ask for more than that? Well not many pottery lovers I know that's for sure.

While you are setting the stage in your Tuscan kitchen for plenty of pottery on your countertops do not overlook the opportunities on your walls. Pottery wall sconces are great for holding candles or even skilled contractors to apply modern lighting. Tiles and plates make excellent wall decorations that are entirely suitable for a Tuscan themed kitchen and are a great deal of fun to select or have made. They add decorative touches for the most part but can also be practical when necessary (provided of course that they were created in a food safe manner) as platters or even chargers if they are slightly oversized.

In addition to all the things mentioned above you can also add pottery napkin rings and stoneware dishes to the list of items appropriate for a Tuscan inspired kitchen. There is literally no end to the possibilities when it comes to bringing pottery into your Tuscan kitchen. I hope you have more fun shopping for these sorts of items and spend considerably less money than if you were to go through and demolish your existing kitchen in order to build a new Tuscan kitchen when you could have done a great deal to bring the theme into your existing kitchen without spending nearly the same amount of money. If you add a little paint, perhaps new cabinet doors, laminate flooring, and a new countertop to the pottery purchases you make, you could have twice the impact for half the price and what feels like a brand new Tuscan kitchen too!