Finding Good Affiliate Marketing Products To Promote

The Affiliate Product You Choose Can Make You, Or Break You

Your success or failure as an affiliate depends largely on the products you promote. At first, the product selection process seems simple. You sign up with a marketplace such as ClickBank, choose one of the thousands of available products, create your own links, and put them on your site. However, these steps don’t always result in sales, and a lack of results can be frustrating. The sheer number of products can make the choice overwhelming, especially for a newbie who doesn’t know the business. Although there’s no foolproof way to find a high converting product, there are a few tips that can increase the likelihood of success.

Brainstorm Your Niche


The first step to take is to decide which market you want to work in. Choosing a niche related to your experiences, hobbies, passions, and skills is a great starting point; after all, you’ll be spending a great deal of time on it!

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Do you like animals? Has someone in your family had a specific health issue? Did you like your foreign language classes in school? Do people ask you for advice on relationship struggles? Knowing a niche can be a tremendous advantage when marketing a product, because it’s easier to write credible, persuasive sales copy when you know the subject. Go through your chosen marketplace and make a list of niches you could possibly promote. While it’s important to choose a niche you know, it’s also essential to focus on profitability as well. The next few steps on the list will help you narrow the list further.

Know Your Customers


Let’s say that you chose “playing piano” as a possible niche. If you want to pursue things further, it’s important to understand who’s buying and what they’re looking for. The simplest way to get into your target market’s minds is to browse niche forums; it helps you learn your buyers’ wants, needs, and problems. For instance, some people in the niche will look for free sheet music, and they’d likely not want to buy something from you unless it helps them achieve their goal. Reading forums can help you learn what matters most to your target market, which will help you choose the right products to promote. Other things to consider are how to target impulse buyers and the narrowness of your niche. If it’s too specific, you may find that your target market isn’t big enough to make many sales. If it’s too wide, you’ll find it hard to rank your site in the search engines, and prospects won’t be able to find you.

Choose Top-Selling Products


By this time, you should have a solid understanding of your market and its needs. Now, it’s time to go back to your marketplace and find some products that can meet those needs. We’ll use ClickBank as an example here; it uses a ‘gravity’ score to show how well a product sells, based on the number of sales and when they occurred. High gravity typically indicates that there’s a great deal of competition in the niche, but that shouldn’t push you away. Competition is a good thing because it means there’s a high demand for products in the niche, and it also means that there may be a few people you could form a JV (joint venture) or partnership with.

However, I should say that in some cases, a low-gravity product can still be worthwhile. These products may just be new, or others simply haven’t discovered them yet. While gravity is a strong indicator of a product’s potential, you shouldn’t dismiss a high-quality product simply because of its low score.

Multiple Products

Ideally, you should find a market with several related products. The reasoning behind this is that, even if a single product is a hot seller, you’ll have a difficult time competing with established affiliates. Another advantage of finding multiple products is that it lets you set up a review page, which increases the chances of making sales. For instance, if you’re selling the “learn to play piano” product in the example above, by including other “learn to play” products on your page, your visitors will feel as if they have all the info they need to make an informed purchase decision.

High Commissions

It’s pretty difficult to make a profit on small commissions. For your affiliate marketing efforts to pay off, you’ll need to find products with higher commissions of at least $20 per sale. From that amount, you’ll have to deduct your time and your advertising expenses. If a product has a higher dollar value, then a smaller commission percentage may still make it a reasonable investment.

A Good Sales Pitch


The last step is to take a good look at the product’s sale page. You’ll be using it to drive conversions, after all. Does the sales page look convincing? Does it answer your target market’s questions and address their concerns? Is it credible and persuasive, or does it make outlandish and unbelievable claims? Would you make a purchase from a site that looks and sounds like that? The answers to these questions, among others, will help you find the highest converting products to promote.

To Sum it Up

Choosing the best products to promote is the first step in becoming a successful affiliate, and if you do the process right, you can increase your chances of becoming profitable. However, even if you start off well, you shouldn’t just set up an offer page and leave it be. Keep a watchful eye on your reports, and use tracking IDs to see which products are performing the best. That way, you know where to focus your resources and your efforts. By following these techniques for finding high-converting products, you’ll reap the benefits of increased sales and bigger commission checks.

I really hope this helps you find some good products to promote, there are thousands of great ones out there.

To Great Success On Your Online Business Journey, Bob

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