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Building Websites is Not as Difficult as Most People Think

And Can Be Very Profitable

Building websites is an extremely portable, highly paid skill that’s much easier to learn than most people think. You can learn to build basic websites in as little as two weeks and more advanced websites in just over a month.

How can you learn to build websites quickly? And how can you get paid from home for this skill? Read on.

How to Learn to Build Websites-

To start with, you’ll need a basic education in Hypertext Markup Language (HTML). This is the language that human beings write websites in for computers to decode. A website is built up of HTML code that web browsers decode into usable web pages.

Learning HTML is quite simple and can be learned in about a week. Just buy a book or two from Amazon or your local bookstore about HTML or basic web building to get started.

In addition to HTML, you’ll also need to learn a little bit of Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). You don’t have to learn CSS right away. With just HTML, you’ll already be able to build some basic web pages.

In addition to learning HTML, you’ll also need to have a website builder. Two popular options are Adobe Dreamweaver and XSitePro. Dreamweaver tends to be used by design professionals, while XSitePro is a first-class alternative for people on a lower budget.

Once you’ve learned HTML, try just building a few simple websites for yourself or for friends. Learn how to buy a domain and set up web hosting on those domains. Play around with the HTML code and Google anything you don’t know how to do.

In addition to the technical aspects of web building, it also helps to learn a little bit about design and usability. It’s great to know how to build a website, but what does a good website actually look like? Learn to use concepts like white space and line matching to make websites look great.

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Once you’ve learned the basics of creating websites and the basics of what good websites look like, then you might want to try your hands at a few paid gigs.

Getting Paid to Build Websites-

Seasoned web designers usually get paid several thousand dollars to build one website. When you’re just getting started however, aim to get paid just $100 to $300 for your first few sites.

Perhaps you’ll find your gigs through friends. Or, you can post ads or respond to ads on sites like Craigslist, Elance,, SitePoint or Digital Point.

There are many places online to find potential clients and many places offline where you can meet people who might want a website. The most important thing is that you start small, and charge a small amount of money in the beginning just to build out your profile.

Once you have at least five to ten showcase websites that you can show potential clients, you can start raising your prices. Over time, you’ll develop a loyal following of clients and past clients who’ll continually send you work and referrals.

Learning to build websites isn’t the complex technical process a lot of people think it is. All you really need to do is come to , get access to 300+ Tutorials that show you step by step how to build a website, and so much more, and start playing around with building your own websites. The first couple tries will likely look quite plain, which is perfectly okay. In just a month or two of practice, you’ll be able to create some very high-quality websites. You may even shock yourself. Before you know it, you could have your own profitable website, turn it into your very own online business around your passion or hobby and start making a full time income online!

Ok so I hope I could help you get a better understanding on just how easily and quickly you can build a website and start making a great income online.

To your great success on your online business journey, Bob @ Lurnprofit

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