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Submit Your Articles For Massive Exposure

You’ve done it: you have generated a serious chunk of informative, entertaining articles, all nicely tagged with your resource block leading readers to your website. You’ve researched your market, identified potential groups and newsletters who will be interested in what you have to say, and you’re ready to kick your article marketing campaign into high gear.

Before you explode your business across the Internet, put on the brakes and read this chapter. There are a few more things you should know.

Article Directories-

Article directories are excellent places to list your articles for potentially massive exposure. Note, however, the word “potential”: there are some things you can do to increase your chances—and some that will inadvertently decrease them.

Poor quality articles

The articles you submit to article directories should be informative and well written. Poorly written articles not only will not be printed, they also run the risk of not being listed in a directory. Though many article directories are run by automated means, some are monitored by real live people who read through the articles and decide whether to accept or reject them—and this number is growing. As article marketing gains popularity on the Internet, more article directories are responding to a flood of submissions by monitoring for quality and content.

There are many good reasons to ensure your articles are well written. Competition is one of them. Hundreds of other articles related to your subject are competing for readers’ attention. The best way to draw interest in your articles is to give them great, must-read titles and equally great informative text. Good articles get read; poor articles get ignored.

Another compelling case for writing quality articles is the expert status you’re striving to obtain. If your articles are poorly spelled, contain bad grammar, or convey useless or erroneous information, you’re not going to look like an expert.

Not everyone is a writer. Not everyone has the time or the interest in learning the necessary skills to put together a compelling article. Fortunately, if this describes you, you don’t have to. Commissioning articles through a professional writing service is one of the best investments an Internet marketer can make. When it comes to content, there is no substitute for well written, quality articles.

You may be tempted to cut corners here. Perhaps you’re thinking about using a handful of high quality articles to draw traffic to your website, and then posting anything—or nothing—on the site itself. Resist the temptation! Generating traffic is only half the battle for Internet sales. The rest is up to your website. You can receive thousands of hits to your website and still not see an increase in sales if there is nothing to retain a visitor’s interest once they arrive on your site.

Article marketing is not an exact science. You should give yourself every possible advantage when it comes to selling on the Internet. This means generating high quality articles, whether you write them yourself or pay someone else to do it, and making sure your message spreads through outlets like article directories.

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The do’s and don’ts of article directories-

As with newsletter directories, there are two different types of article catalogues: directories and announcement lists. Article directories allow you to add and remove articles as often as you’d like, while announcement lists only permit a one-time submission for each article. As a rule, announcement lists are more selective of the articles they will accept for submissions.

Whenever you submit an article to either a directory or announcement list, you must follow that website’s submission guidelines. Most directories and announcement lists require you to join a mailing list before they will accept your articles. Remember to open a separate e-mail account for your mailing list subscriptions.

When given the option to subscribe to a list and receive Individual E-mail, Daily Digest, or Web-Only (no e-mail), you should choose the Daily Digest option. After you submit your articles, you will want to occasionally check and ensure they’re being published. The Individual E-mail option will flood your new inbox with messages, while the Daily Digest delivers all messages sent to the list for the day in one e-mail message.

Most submission guidelines for article directories and announcement lists will require that you format your articles for optimal web and e-mail viewing. This means your articles must appear the same way you would format a newsletter: 60 to 65 characters per line, using a fixed-width font. You can format your articles manually—or you can use this handy shortcut:

• Type your article normally, using a word processing program such as Microsoft Word. • Go to — a free, automated online program that formats text for optimal web viewing. • Copy and paste your text into the box on the screen and set the number of characters per line you want your article to include.

• Choose “y” for “Reformat Text?” to overwrite your word processing program’s automatic formatting presets. • Choose “y” for “Remove Extra Spaces?” if extra spaces appear between the words you pasted into the box, or if you use two spaces after a period while typing. • Click on “Format Text” • Copy and paste your formatted text into the body of the e-mail you’re sending to the article directory or announcement list.

If you use a windows-based operating system, you can open your e-mail program and run it simultaneously as you format your articles. This method will save you time and allow you to automatically adjust line lengths according to the specifications of each article directory or announcement list.

When you submit articles for inclusion in a directory, it is polite—and recommended—to include a note in the e-mail before the article text requesting a listing and granting reprint permission. You may also request to be sent a copy of any newsletter issue in which your article appears. Don’t forget to include your resource box with your website links at the end of each article you submit!

Here is a sample note you can include with your article submissions:

Please consider publishing this article on your website or in your newsletter. Free reprint permission is granted with byline and resource box intact. If you choose to publish this article, please send me a copy of your publication or link to your website at

You can choose to have newsletters, ezines or links that publish your articles sent to your directory e-mail address or your main address.

Ok so these are just a few things you can do to get your articles out on the web and start getting traffic to your online business.

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