What Is Network Marketing?



Network Marketing Can Be Life Changing

Network marketing has been present since the pre-Internet times and it has received its share of bouquets and brickbats both. However, this is a moneymaking route as is clearly evidenced by the thousands of millionaires it has spawned at a global level.

The concept is too darned simple – you build a network of people and jointly you promote a product or service. At the same time, you try to bring more people into the network. For each person that joins the network, the upline members earn a commission. Direct sales bring in the money too, but the main commission is brought in through the commissions that the network building generates.

However, the implementation is not quite as simple. Building the network can be formidable to most people. Even so, there are many facilities you get so that you can build the network well. You get a website from the network marketing company that you join, you can attend physical seminars and webinars and you have access to a host of material, online and offline, where you can learn how to promote your network to the hilt.

You need to remember one thing – joining a network marketing opportunity could be a life-changing experience. You might begin seeing everything in a totally new light. But that’s the way you can earn all those six figure incomes a month.

Joining such opportunities carries the great benefit of prevailing goodwill that you can cash upon. Also, they have their own training and orientation programs all over the world which can help you start out on the right foot.

The drawback here is that there are a lot of players in the network marketing (also called as multilevel marketing or simply MLM) world. A lot of them are scammers and these are the people who have given the industry a bad name. You have to particularly beware of pyramid schemes in which people earn only through building a network but don’t have any product to sell. In most parts of the world, pyramid schemes are considered to be illegal and the people involved in such an activity could be prosecuted by the law.

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