Best Ways To Get More Traffic To Your Website

Your Online Business Will Fail Without Traffic

Many new affiliate marketers make the mistake of grabbing a link and posting it everywhere they go online. That’s a mistake, because the social sites and other places you go aren’t likely to be populated with people who want the products you’re selling; they’re either too savvy to fall for the sales pitch, or they’re simply not interested. To succeed as an affiliate, you’ll need to find better ways to promote your products. Here, you’ll find a few great ways to drive traffic to your affiliate links.

Focus on Organic Search


This step may seem elementary, but it’s surprising how many affiliate marketers ignore it. The best way to bring traffic to your offers is by getting your site to rank high in the organic search results. While this is harder than simply paying for traffic, organic search can pay dividends for years to come.

Set up a Quality Niche Website

This is the first step, and it’s also the most important.  If you have not already selected a niche for your online business I will provide a link below for some great training on how to best select a niche. Google and the other search engines have a long history of penalizing affiliates because of their techniques, most of which have been given the “black hat” designation. These days, to be seen as a legit marketer and not a devious spammer, you’ll need a high-quality site filled with valuable, relevant content, and your links should be clearly marked as being from an affiliate. You’ll need to know your products, your audience, and how to drive conversions.

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Provide Quality Content

Much of your affiliate traffic will come from organic search if your site has a narrow enough focus, your quality is high, and you’ve earned your ranking. To do so, you’ll need to write and keep a blog by buying content or writing yourself. To avoid Google penalties, don’t use spun or low-quality content. It’s not necessary to post very frequently; once a week should suffice to show that your site is active.


PPC (pay per click) through Google AdWords gives you full access to the search engine’s display network. Create ads that point to your website, not directly to your links, as Google does not like to directly display affiliate ads unless THEY are the affiliate. Test ads for varying keywords, study their results, optimize them, and build your advertising strategies accordingly.

Stick to Your Niche

If you’re working in a relatively narrow niche, you can easily pull ahead of your competition. However, if your focus is spread thinner, you won’t be able to penetrate your target market. If you are tempted to branch out to new and unrelated products, put together a site in a different niche rather than trying to shoehorn it into your old one.


Include Customer Testimonials

When you’re selling affiliate products, send follow-up messages to buyers to find out about their experiences. If they give great reviews, ask them if you may use them on your website to help teach others about your product’s benefits. If you can’t get any testimonials from customers, it’s perfectly acceptable to invent your own. However, you’ll need to write them in a believable way, so potential buyers don’t see them as being fake.

Write a Product Guide

Unless you’re only selling eBooks, you’re likely to be able to create tutorials using your products. Even if it is as easy as using a supplement along with a sensible diet and an exercise plan, you can do it. It’s always possible to find material to post and write, and if you’re in a popular niche, these evergreen guides will attract people who may be on the fence (but will buy later).

Create Supplementary Material

This is the opposite of creating evergreen guides. When you have a niche site, you’ll need to ensure that your content has a narrow focus. Fortunately, most topics have some degree of depth, and you can cover the product in a variety of ways. Discuss the product’s history, ingredients, technology, or other factors. It’s not broadening the base of your content; it’s digging deeper to cover all conceivable angles.

Promote Your Products to Industry Communities

No matter what product you’re promoting, it’s part of an industry, and all industries have online communities. There are forums, blogs, Facebook groups, and Twitter accounts for any industry, and it’s up to you to find them and become an active participant. Post your affiliate link in your profile, in your forum signature (if allowed), and in discussions wherever possible. Generally, you should attempt to post links to real, helpful posts rather than to your sales pages; it comes across not as advertising, but as trying to be helpful.

Get on Social Media

Even if you’re in a narrow niche, you can leverage social media to your benefit. Facebook is especially important because of the info you can get through the Insights tool. Create a virtual audience for your PPC campaigns, and you’ll build your buyer list.

Rent Space on an Email List

Sometimes, it’s possible to find other businesses in the industry and work with them. Pay for newsletter space, and you’ve essentially created a sponsored post. When done with blog posts, Google considers this a “black hat” tactic, but it’s OK to do it in email content, as it’s neither controlled or indexed by Google.

Build a List

As said above, Google doesn’t monitor email communications, and that’s why email lists are perfect. You can use them for promotions, repeat customers, social media growth, and various other reasons.

Write an eBook

Although you’re selling affiliate products, that doesn’t mean you can’t sell your own stuff as well. It’s easy to write and sell an eBook; simply expand on the content you’re already creating for your niche blog.

Create a Video Offer

Video is highly underrated among affiliate marketers. It’s simple to create a basic video and post it to the major sites. Encourage users to view these videos, which should compel them to learn more about the products you promote on your blog and landing pages. When you use offer videos, you can turn your site into a conversion-driving machine.

Ok So Thats a lot of tips im leaving you with today. I really hope these tips can and will drive more traffic to your online business.

To Your Great Online Business Success, Bob

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