How To Be Inspired?

What Does It Mean To Be Inspired?

Inspiration can change people’s lives. It can help a person to start living and realize their full potential in life.

There a number of definitions for the word “inspiration”, some of these include,

  • “A divine influence directly exerted on the mind or soul” Excerpt from
  • “To get excited about life and to learn how to live” .Anonymous
  • “To get passionate about something” .Anonymous
  • “To be inspired by something or someone is to take in a new idea and literally let it change your life”. Anonymous

Inspiration is also best defined as, arousing the mind to unusual creativity and awakening the soul of a person to enable them to pursue this creativity.

Inspiration is very important. It can help a person learn how to live more positively. It impacts on the brain of an individual and has the capability of changing their whole mindset.

For example,” The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” Eleanor Roosevelt. This is a very simple yet very powerful inspirational quote. It can inspire someone who had given up on their dreams to start believing again. This can get them in to start pursuing the dream again. It also inspires people who may be pursuing their dreams but feel like they are far from achieving it. This encourages them to keep dreaming and believing.

The power of inspiration can never be underestimated. It can practically save a person’s life. Someone who may have given up on life and even contemplating suicide may suddenly turn around and start living their lives to the fullest.

The right kind of inspiration can enabled you to do anything you want. You can write, an artist be a poet, a successful businessman, design and so much more. Being inspired will enable you to live a happy and more fulfilling life.

Inspirational Ideas


“Keep your face to the sunshine and you will never see the shadow”. Helen Keller.

Inspirational ideas normally contain an inspiration message meant to empower individuals. There are so many types of such ideas. There are some that touch different professionals while others are meant for everyone.

An inspirational idea may just be what a person needs to get started on their careers. For instance, people who rely on creativity tend to get moments when they feel like they have run out ideas. The right of inspiration can get such a person back on track. It can also enable them to go beyond their expectations.

Inspirational ideas may also empower people to try out new opportunities and fully utilize their potentials.



Empowerment can be spiritual, social, political or even economic. It basically refers to strengthening a person or a group of people. This enables them to be more confident and learn to live their lives to the fullest.

There are people who may be oppressed or marginalized due to man factors. One such factor may be the society. For instance, in some societies women are normally marginalized. In this case, to empower them would be to give them confidence and opportunity to overcome all barriers and excel in different fields and learn how to be self-sufficient. It may also mean to simply enable them to enjoy opportunities that others have been enjoying but they have not. For example, the rights to be employed or even drive.

Empowerment can also be effected in organizations whereby employees are normally limited by the management. To empower them would mean to give them some kind of independence to make their own decisions and trust their own judgment. This may help in improving the working environment and overall performance of the employees.

In other instance, people may actually inhibit themselves. Negative thoughts can easily make a person doubt themselves and put themselves down. This attitude would greatly hinder their performance and their whole outlook on life.

Types of Inspirational Ideas

There are general inspirational ideas that can inspire any group of individuals while there are others that are meant for a group of people. In this chapter, we look at the different types of inspirational ideas.

  • Ø Which inspirational ideas can apply to your current situation?
  • Ø How can these ideas help you?

There are other ideas that may be intended for a group of people but can also be applied by other different groups.



“When one door of happiness closes, another opens but often we look so long at the closed door that we don’t see the one that has been opened for us”. Helen Keller

Inspirational ideas that fall under this category are meant to enable people to have a positive outlook on life. They encourage and motivate at the same time. They give people hope for the future.

Visionaries shave a clear picture of the future. They have goals and dreams. This is what keeps them motivated and enables them to pursue these goals. Having a vision also helps one in overcoming obstacle since they have their eyes set on the goals. A person who has a vision will be able to avoid things that may distract from their goals.

“Nothing splendid was ever achieved except by those who dared to believe that something inside them was superior to their circumstances”. Bruce Barton

As indicated in this inspirational idea, a visionary can easily overcome their preset circumstance. For example, a person may be poor but they have a clear vision of what they to be in future. This will give them the determination to overcome their present situation and achieve their goals. In contrast, someone who isn’t inspired will just accept their present situation and be content.



“Every child is an artist; the problem is who to remain an artist once he grows up”. Picasso

There are so many inspirational ideas that you can get from artists. In most cases, the inspirational ideas are meant for other artists. However, an individual can try and apply the same ideas to their own personal life even if they aren’t artists.

“You can dream, create, design and build the most wonderful place in the world, but it requires people to make the dream a reality”. Walt Disney.

This isn’t just inspiration for artists; it can apply to any person. It acts a reminder that we do need people in our lives. No matter how successful you become, you will need people.

“I don’t know the key to success, but they key failure is to try and please everybody”. Bill Cosby.

There are also a number of inspirational ideas that are meant to inspire artists to get motivation for their works. For instance, you can get ideas for the bets locations for your art projects. Some of these ideas include Art classes, Art fairs, museums and also reading books. Some ideas recommend talking to children to get new ideas for Art. Others suggest the change of a medium.



“Vision is the art of seeing the invisible” Johnathon Swift

There are so many nice inspirational ideas that are meant to inspire writers. These ideas can offer assistance to writers who are struggling or have a “writer’s block”. They can also be helpful to writers who are looking for inspiration to finally start writing. Most of these ideas are from successful writers.

Some of the inspirational ideas for writers include, reading the novel or writing by one of your favorite writers. This may act as an inspiration to you. Another idea is to give yourself a treat every day that you manage to accomplish a writing goal. This will keep you motivated. It is also good to be confident and persistent.

Any writer who feels stumped can get empowered to write again by just finding the right inspirational ideas.

There are also a number of inspirational ideas from writers to everyone else. These are not necessarily just meant for other writers.

  • “Do not look back in anger, or forward in fear but around in awareness”. James Thurber
  • “The best way to cheer yourself up is to cheer someone else up”. Mark Twain
  • “Passionate people embrace what they love and never give up” .Danielle Kennedy

All these are inspirations by writers.



“The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comforts and convenience but where he stands in moments of challenge and controversy. The true neighbor will risk his position, his prestige and even his life for the welfare of others”. Martin Luther King Jr

There are so many inspirational ideas that can empower one into a leadership role. These ideas can also inspire leaders into embracing their roles and being even better leaders. The inspirational ideas are also foe leaders to use to inspire others. Some of these ideas include:

A good leader should be passionate about the goals and objectives of the team that he is leading. This is what will inspire others to work hard. A leader who lacks passion will not inspire his people. A good leader should be a good listener. His people should feel empowered to make contributions and share their ideas about the team. Another great idea is to make the members of the team feel included and appreciated. It’s not possible to inspire them if at all they feel left out in the key role such as decision making.

“Leaders arrant born, they are made. And they are made just like anything else, through hard work. And that’s the price that we’ll have to pay to achieve the goal or any other goal”. Vince Lombardi.

Business Inspirational Ideas


There are so many different types of inspirational ideas for business people. The first type is the kind of inspiration that is normally given to people who want to get started in business. These maybe people who are passionate about a business ideas but they lack the confidence to pursue this. They may be hindered by fear or failure of self-doubt. These inspirational ideas empower such people to go ahead and start their own business. It prepares them for the challenges of running a business. The right kind of ideas not only helps a business person to get started out but to keep going no matter what they encounter.

There are also inspirational ideas for people who are currently facing hardships in their businesses. Maybe they have been hit by financial crisis or the business is just not doing as well as expected. Inspirational ideas can help such business people to remain hopeful in trying to get over their hurdles. They may be inspired into looking for alternative financiers. They may also be inspired to try out new ideas that may just give the business the right kind of boost. If the business completely failed, inspirational ideas would give the businessman the confidence to move on and try out something new.

There are also inspirational ideas on how to empower employees of any organizations. The right kind of empowerment can get the staff members motivated and enable them to perform much better. Some of the inspirational ideas include, including the employees in the decision making process, listening to them and also incorporating their ideas as suggested. In some organizations, there are inspirational quotes shared around to keep the employees motivated at all times.

Religious Inspiration


There are a lot of different types of inspirational ideas that are provided by different religious groups and leaders. These ideas may be contained in Holy books such as the Bible and the Quran.

 Where can you find inspirational ideas?

You don’t have to travel to distant places or go meet famous people to get inspirational ideas. There are many sources of inspiration all around you.

There are so many inspirational ideas that you can find by simply conducting research. You may opt to read books or even just research online. You will find a wealth of knowledge from these resources. For instance, there are so many ideas that you can get from Mahatma Gandhi. Since you can’t meet this great man in person, you can read his quotes and learn from him.

You can get empowerment by reading quotes from famous people like Mahatma Gandhi. You can find these quote sin different books or online resources.

You can also get inspirational ideas by reading biographies about famous people who managed to succeed no matter what their circumstances may have been. For instance, the biography of the first and only female prime minister of India, Indira Gandhi is a true inspiration. Indira shows what anyone can achieve if they set their mind to it. She was the first woman to ever be elected into office in India. After serving 3 consecutive terms from 1966 to 1977, she was assassinated in 1984 while service her fourth term. This woman shows how determination can enable one achieve what may be termed as the impossible.

Search Out New Experiences


If you decide to stay stagnant in life, you will remain exactly that way. You have to open your eyes to new experiences. Sometimes this may mean travelling away from your comfort zones in search of this motivation. For instance, if you live in a small town whereby nobody ever lives or does anything with their lives, you need to venture out of this town. Travelling may inspire you and open your eyes to many possibilities.

You should always seek to find new things and ideas. Don’t ever be satisfied with staying at one place for a long time. If you can’t travel, you can get imaginative. Read about new places and inspirational stories. Don’t just read about people in your own country, try and read about successful people in other parts of the world. This will enlighten you on the opportunities available even outside your own area. You may also find inspiration in nature. Once again, if you can’t travel, look for photos and videos. Music may also offer you inspirational ideas. Remember, you need to go out and consider life outside what you are used to. Change may inspire and empower you.

ideas to change your mindset and influence your life. There is no need of having so many great ideas existing only in your mind but not being reflected in your life.


Role Models


These people are full of inspirational ideas that can greatly influence your life. Everyone needs a role model. It doesn’t have to be someone famous though. A role model can be someone in your life who encourages and inspires you. It can be a close relative or a friend. Ensure that this person lives the kind of life that you would want to live. Don’t just pick any role model. It is also advisable to pick someone who you have something in common with. For instance, people who have been through sexual abuse, tend to look up to Oprah Winfrey and Joyce Meyers as role models. These two women went through that kind of abuse but that didn’t limit them in life. They refused to be victims of their past. Their stories can be an inspiration to other girls who have been through the same kind of life.


There are many people who believe in the power of meditation. Once you find an inspirational idea, meditating on it can help you commit the idea to your memory. This helps in changing your mindset faster. Yoga also helps with this. There is a lot of inspiration that can be found when you learn to quiet your mind and listen.

Mediating on an inspirational idea can help in changing your mindset. You will accept the idea faster and commit it to memory.


There are so many people who normally get inspired by children. Unlike grownups children lack inhibitions. They also tend to believe in themselves. Their outlook of the world is also innocent. They are still full of dreams that are yet to be crushed by the realities of life. Listening to a child can be a source of inspiration. You can also just watch a child and learn from them. For instance, see how they select their clothes with so much confidence. If we all learnt to be that confident, we would all be emporewd, We would also learn to trust ourselves and live life to the fullest.

There is so much that can be learnt from a child who trusts her/himself and lacks inhibitions and fears of failure.

Motivational Speakers


You can actually get a wealth of knowledge from motivational speakers. They have so many inspirational ideas that if you listen to can help you change your life. These people have been trained specifically on how to inspire people into living their lives. In addition, they know how to capture a person’s attention. They aren’t like lecturers who may actually bore you. These speakers know how to keep their topics relevant. You can be very empowered by simply listening to these gurus. Remember, you have to put everything you have learnt into practice so as to get results.

Seminars and Workshops

There are so many seminars and workshops normally held in different areas to inspire people. Sometimes, there may be speakers while other times it’s more of a lecture. These meetings are effective in two ways. One can learn a lot and be empowered by the speakers. One can also network with other people and manage to get empowered. Most of the seminars are normally held for people in the same profession or some other type of similarity. This gives enough opportunities for networking and exchanging ideas.

Seminars can be very enlightening. They can help individuals to get inspired and learn new things to empower them.

Inspirational Videos and Tapes


If you can’t get to go for a seminar or go listen to a motivational speaker, you can always watch motivational videos. You may find these in your local stores. You can also find a number of them online. Some are free to download while others may cost you some money. These videos can be very beneficial in empowering you to follow your dreams. In addition, they are good since they allow you to watch the replay the videos again and again to keep yourself inspired.

Inspirational People


You can find so many inspirational ideas from inspirational people. These don’t have to be the likes of Mahatma Gandhi or Oscar Wilde. You can find just ordinary people living ordinary lives who have managed to overcome some form of adversity. For instance, there are cancer survivors who inspire people. Also, there is a movie called “127 hours” about a man who was trapped in the Grand Canyon for almost a week. To free himself, he had to cut off his arm. These are ordinary people who have managed to inspire people from all over the work. You can get books, videos or even read blogs from such people to get you inspired.

Acquiring Inspirational Ideas

The first step is definitely to acquire the ideas. You can do this by going through the processes earlier discussed in chapter. You may also be surprised to find out that you have so many ideas already that you have but have never actually put them into practice. The only way to identify these ideas is by reading widely and interacting with other. For instance, reading this eBook may open your eyes to potential and opportunities that you didn’t even realize that you actually possessed.


Write It Down

Oprah Winfrey, one of the world’s richest women talked of keeping a notebook by her side at all times of the day or night. In this notebook, she wrote down any inspired thoughts that came to her. She also wrote down all her epiphanies. This is what everyone should have. If you have a nice idea, take a paper and pen and put it down. This will help you in analyzing the idea easily. It will also help you in ensuring that you don’t forget the idea or plan. If you have your notebook with you at all times, you will keep referring back to what you wrote down.

You should also have your notebook with you whenever you attend motivational seminars or any other talks that may get you inspired. Even if you are looking for inspiring ideas to empower you from the internet, you have to writ5e everything important. You may listen and get inspired at that time but then forget everything the minute you move on to other activities.


before It is always advisable to carry out research on your inspirational ideas planning on how to put them into action. For instance, if it’s a business idea, there is no harm in carrying out further research about the idea before committing your finances into pursuing it. Reading more and consulting with others can inspire you even more. It’s never enough to just have a good idea.


You have to put all your inspirational ideas into action. The process of empowerment will only occur once you try out your ideas. For instance, if you are inspired to be a writer, you have to start writing. You can’t just keep this idea and keep postponing it for a future date. The time to act is now. Remember, people like Nelson Mandela didn’t influence History by just resting on a good idea. They put their ideas into action and were able to get the desired results.

You will only be successful once you put your inspirational ideas into action.

“Success is the good fortune that comes from aspiration, desperation, perspiration and inspiration”. Evan Esar

There are so many ways that you can recognize a person who is not inspired. One of the ways is in how they think and express themselves. A person who believes that they can’t be better than what they are is uninspired. An inspired person always aims to achieve more and become much better at what they are doing. You can also find people who are living way below their potential levels. For instance, you may find a highly educated person stuck in a mediocre career. They may be stuck due to the comfort zone that they have created in this job. They may undersell themselves and even though they know this, they may have no will to change their present circumstances.

One thing that many successful people share is their determination. To be empowered is a process. You have to be willing to embrace change and take risks. You should also be ready to face challenges and still manage to pursue your goals. You have to know what life has to offer you. Find out what your best should be and never settle for less.

Do You Have The Right Mind Frame For Success?

Research shows that we are only able to achieve what we can first perceive in our minds. If you don’t believe that you can ever be successful then you are right! Your negative thinking will definitely limit you and end up confirming your self-affirmations. To be a winner, you have to think like one.

There Is No Better Time than Right Now

Have you been thinking about going to school? Opening a business? Venturing into new markets? The time is now. There are so many people who spend their lives making big plans but never follow them through. You have to start living your life right now. Stop making future plans for when you are richer or slimmer or married? If you have an inspired idea, you better put it into action right now.

Don’t Give Up No Matter What Happens

You have to be realistic. You may not be able to achieve all your dreams at a go. This may take time and repeat efforts. Take the example of Henry Ford. This multi-billionaire lost his fortune six times without giving up. Now he is accredited to Ford Motors and a lot of other business lines worldwide. He is a success story now. He wouldn’t have managed to be one if he had given up due to failure.

Have confident and believe in your ability to achieve your goals. If you believe that you can do it then you definitely can.

The future offers a lot of possibilities for you. You can decide to get inspired and change the course of your life.

Remember, every new day is another opportunity for you to realize your dreams. Dawn signifies a new fresh start and As long as you are alive, you have to keep on trying.

To your great success on your inspirational journey, Bob@Lurnprofit

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