How To Become A Millionaire

The Mindset Of A Millionaire

You may wonder what magical powers the rich and wealthy possess? What are their secrets?

The rich think differently. Their millionaire attitude sets them apart. The poor people do not have that kind of mindset that the rich individuals have.

You can be successful in your financial and personal life, through being strong willed. Your subconscious mind is very powerful and can influence your conscious mind. It can either make you or break you.

For achieving financial success, you should change your thinking pattern. In addition, for that change you need do as follows:

  •  Start thinking positively. What you love you begin concentrating on and what you concentrate on you start loving. So concentrate on what you want to be or what you want. Your subconscious mind will help you achieve it.
  •  Create your own path for success. Trying to follow others will help you to some extent but your goal will not be achieved. You should follow your own voice.
  •  If you do not love yourself you will never be rich. Because if you do not feel that you deserve the best, you will not be able to work towards it.
    •  For achieving success, you should be doing what you love doing. If you are stuck in a job, which you detest, you will not work hard as you do not enjoy it. Even if you spend ten or more hours daily, you will not succeed.
      •  emotions will only bring negativity in your life. Stop feeling jealous of successful people. Jealousy is a negative diverted from the path of achieving money and wealth.
      •  You should not blame others for your failure. Start taking responsibility for whatever happens in your life. As you would like to take credit for your success, learn to accept your failure’s too without pointing fingers at others for the same. It will make you a more responsible person.

Do you want to change your status and want to become wealthy? Bring the above-mentioned changes in your attitude towards life. Prosperity and success will find its way into your life with your positive attitude.

Have a Purpose and a Goal-

    • In absence of a goal in life, you will not know what to do.


It is important to understand the importance of your existence

When you try to think about what is the mission or purpose of your life, you may not get a clear picture of it. We lack clarity and intelligence for finding our real purpose in life.

It is possible that you may have many goals in your life and may not be able to identify the real one, specific to you. How to bring that one thought out of your mind that will lead you to success. What will happen if you are not able to relate to your dreams? What is next?

    • Your connection with reality may be the foundation of your purpose. Not having decided purpose in life does not mean you do not have one. It is not something you will just wake up to, one day. You have to work hard to determine it. You may not have the option of choosing it, as you have many choices. Many of the choices may not even be genuine.


While targeting your purpose you will have to exhibit the ability to perceive it. You need create a method to achieve your purpose, steps that will lead you to your purpose of life. These methods and processes get you the answer for you question and make you say, “This is it!”

Once you determine your goal, you work towards achieving it passionately. So the first step is to go with your emotional intelligence because it will help you identify your purpose correctly.

Here is how you go about it:

1. You need something to write down, like a piece of paper or word processor in your computer.

2. At the top of the page jot down, “What is the real purpose of my life?”

    • 3. Whatever answer comes to your mind write it down. It may be a short phrase and not a properly framed sentence as an answer.


4. Keep on repeating step three, until you have written everything you can think of on finding purpose of your life.

This is what you have been struggling to find. Your profession will not matter. To some this may make sense and others may find it to be senseless. The purpose of our life may not be clear to us because of social training.  Your unconscious and conscious mind will send false messages. However, once you have found the true purpose, you feel like it has come from the inner most voice.

Applying logic and reasoning to find out what your views on life are is another method.

The other way is to use logic and reason for your situation. It will be easy if you are more logical in your thoughts.

Apply your total life experience to find out your real purpose in life. Try to understand where you stand in your present reality.

This is a very simple technique to follow and hence easy to miss. What you are doing is, understanding your view on your approach of life and turning those into what you see for yourself.

    • Where you stand in your present interpretation on life, will help you discover your goal, so you need to find out. Your reality represents yourself and this helps you understand your purpose of life.


The ideas you have about life makes up your personality, if you have a negative attitude towards life that means you are negative person.

     When you are clear about your ideas, you will find a purpose in life which is achievable and reasonable. It is like a hologram. When you cut a piece of it, the entire picture is still in the smaller piece. You are like a piece and the whole of the hologram is reality. You will find that something is wrong when you have wrong ideas about yourself in your mind so this technique will uncover what problems you have and show you reality.

These techniques will help you find out your purpose and to know where to go from there. If you have a healthy outlook, you will get results by applying the techniques. You will find out that the rational and emotional intelligence will point out to your purpose of life in different ways but they will be saying the same thing.


What We Think, We Become-

    • We all dream about increasing our income but without a proper plan and its implementation, it’s not possible to achieve it. In this section I will teach you how to arrive at your goal and earn more, so that all your dreams can come true.


    Start creating an image in your mind of what you want in life. Think in detail, what environment you want to be in, what people you want to be surrounded with.  Choose a business, which is realistic and will earn you sufficient income. Visualize all details minutely. Then set a goal which is difficult to achieve but not impossible. Initially, think of what you want to achieve, in one year.

Work out the strategies for achieving your target for the year. Think about all the problems you will face and how to tackle it. Think of all the bumps that you have on your path of success and learn ways of avoiding it. Find out what additional training or qualification you need for achieving your target. Remove all the negative thoughts that enter you mind. Try to combat all the negative thoughts about your income and business. Keep moving towards your target by fighting with all the negative thoughts that discourage you.

Write down all your plans, you want to reach in one year’s time, what steps you are going to take. Plan each step and follow them religiously. If required take guidance from the person whose position you desire to be in.

People who are successful, though not in your line of business will be able to guide you too. Have a positive outlook and keep reading motivational books for encouragement.

Whether you will have an abundance of money will depend upon your perception of money. You have to decide how much money you want to earn for a lavish life and make plans accordingly.

Do you go through lots of hardships to earn money; are you doing your job, which you truly hate? Wealth gets attracted to you easily or you earn money without any difficulty if your notion of wealth is correct.

Your feel good factor about money depends upon your idea about money.

If you are comfortable with in your subconscious mind, this is the richest area of emotions. Your previous experience with money will decide how comfortable you are with finances.

You can experience financial well being and generate as much wealth as you wish if you try to remove all the negative feelings you.

    • ◊ Think about money as energy you move and live with, and that letting this energy into your life will bring wealth into your life. See what difference it makes in your life.
      • ◊ Believe that money can come to you as easily as the air you breathe and see what difference this notion makes in your life.

You are determined that having all the wealth you need will make you uncomfortable with the above notion. Decide to change your notions about money, which are negative and are stopping the influx of money that you are entitled to.

    • To attract money you need to have goodwill towards the other people around you as well as circumstance and situation around you. Goodwill in your work will attract lots of money into your life. Out flow of surplus goodwill will create inflow of surplus money. For example if a salesman puts his 100% effort in his work, it is possible that he will experience good luck in the form of more demand, more work and more opportunities etc.


This example shows you that the use of goodwill can be directly related to money and success.

Why do goodwill and benevolence attract money?

Think of money as a force and not a thing. The force believes in encouraging mutual advantages and relationship between individuals. Money is the power for human interchange and communication.

Money can be compared to language. Language enables humans to interact with other humans. Think of a person who decides to remain silent and wants to keep all the words to himself.

Will this decision help him? Definitely no! Language itself is for communication. Language grows and is beneficial only if we use it for communication. The more you use it the more you understand it and are able to relate to it. Language enables a single person to communicate with the whole society. We do not store language. Therefore we can conclude that the more people that use our language, the easier it is to relate with others. This can be applied to money.

Money is similar to language. When we relate through money with others, money grows.  When we help others to prosper and try to encourage success in individuals around us, we will attract money. Goodwill and benevolence will attract more money into our life. The more you give, the more you receive.

    • Everybody wants to be rich. Some of them have already achieved this and some are trying to achieve. Many paths will lead you to financial success and the meaning for wealth is different for each of us. No matter how you define wealth, your notion of wealth will help you achieve financial success.


Having correct attitude towards money helps you accomplish financial success. It has its own presence, identity and power.

Understanding how changing your notion about money in your situation is very important.  Always remember, “What We Think, We Attract”

    You can be successful in your financial and personal life, through being strong willed. Your subconscious mind is very powerful and can influence your conscious mind. It can either make you or break you.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           To your great success on your millionaire journey, Bob@Lurnprofit
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