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The Right Mindset

You have most likely heard the phrase, ‘He has an attitude!” This is usually a derogatory remark made about a person with a disagreeable attitude.

But the word ‘attitude’ is an important one when discussing internet marketing start-ups. A good attitude…a good mind set can’t insure success but a bad attitude and a bad mind set can certainly guarantee failure.

Here are some wrong attitudes that will absolutely guarantee failure:

1. I can work when I want to.
Wrong, wrong, wrong! You can’t just work when you feel like it. You have to expect to put in many long and very tedious hours of very hard work to make a new internet enterprise

2. I can get rich quick! You couldn’t be more wrong and you are not only wrong but you are putting yourself in danger as well. So many people get into internet marketing hoping for quick easy money. There are bazillions of crooks out there on the internet who are waiting for their next easy mark and if you are looking for a quick way to get rich, you ARE the next mark. It is possible to make a very comfortable living with internet marketing  but if anybody ever tells you it is quick or easy, they are lying to you. As much as I hate to admit it, I have fell victom of these online, Get Rich Scams!

3. I don’t need a business plan.
  Internet business is still business. All of the same business principles apply to online business as apply to brick and mortar business. It is highly recomended that you have a well thought out, in writing,  plan for success that is based upon these sound business principles.

4. I dont have a boss. 
Wrong again! You are your boss. If you aren’t a good boss who sees to it that work is accomplished on time and in full, you will doom yourself to certain failure, And in return, end up right back where you started.

Avoid The Failing Marketing Masses

Even big international businesses can fail at new business ventures. Failure is always an option but the possibility of success can be optimized.

You can optimize the possibility of success by:

1. Having a good solid business plan in place BEFORE you launch your online business. There is an old saying: “Those who fail to plan, plan to fail”. A detailed set of plans for success needs to be made. You need to have the steps from getting from point A to point B listed in great detail that include realistic cost estimates for accomplishing each step.

2. Expect to work very hard to accomplish your goals
. You must never expect anything to be easy. You will be right most of the time because things are rarely as easy as they look. Each step toward success requires work, time and patience. Sometimes things don’t work out right on the first try. You have to be willing to try again and again until you do succeed.

3. Not falling for ‘get-rich-quick schemes. The internet woods are full of those who prey upon those who are looking for quick and easy ways to become rich.  This is also known as The Shiny Object Symdrone. Those ways do not exist. Get over thinking that there is an easy way. There is NOT.

Ninety percent of all new internet businesses fail in the first 120 days. You don’t have to be part of that majority. You can become a part of that 10% minority of successful internet business enterprises.


The Four Conerstones.

There are basicly four cornerstones that must be laid down in order to achieve success. And they are as follows.

1.The Right Mindset.

2.Using Leverage.

3.Building A Set Of Usefull Contacts.

4.And A Good Mentor

All of them are important, even crucial to the success of any business but especially to the success of an internet based business.

Constructing a successful business in cyberspace has many things in common with the building of a successful brick and mortar business but there are significant differences as well.

Having A Healthy Mindset.

The success of any business both of the online variety as well as the off line variety require the right mindset from the get-go.

A  healthy mind set will not guarantee success, but a wrong and unhealthy mindset will most likely guarantee failure. So the right mind set is the first corner stone that must be laid upon which a successful business can be constructed.

What is a right and healthy mindset? There are things that it is as well as things that it isn’t.

A right and healthy mindset IS the willingness to work as hard and as long as is necessary to achieve the goals that has been set. A right and healthy mindset ISN’T the belief that success will be easy, quick or painless.

Those who believe that they can make an internet business enterprise thrive without having to actually put in any time or effort are simply doomed to failure from the beginning.

There are schemers and scammers out there in cyberspace that are just waiting eagerly for those to come along who are looking for easy riches.

A right and healthy mindset
IS the willingness to take the time to make a good, solid business plan that is based upon sound business principles.

A right and healthy mindset
ISN’T just jumping in feet first and hoping for the best.

‘Flying by the seat of your pants’ is NOT a plan…it is just plain suicide in the world of internet marketing. If you don’t have a formal education in business, you need to find people who do have that kind of education and seek then follow their advice.

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Using Leverage

Once you get a website built, you will need to begin leveraging SEO (search engine optimization) and gaining page rank.

One thing does lead to another, of course, but one of the quickest ways to leverage SEO is to add a blog to your website. This is a way that you can get much more quickly indexed by the search engines.

Leveraging also includes branding yourself, your website and your products. One of the quicker ways to begin to get yourself branded is by investing in PLR (Private Label Rights) products and changing the names of those products to include your own name or logo. (Don’t forget that there must be some rewriting done.)

This is probably the quickest way to become branded as well as gain credibility on the internet. For example: you might buy a PLR E-Book about Easy Dog Training and change the name to ‘John Doe’s Easy Dog Training Methods’.

You can sell the book, give it away as a free gift on your own website or list it in E-Book repositories for others to use.

Remember that reputation and credibility are everything on the internet. Don’t take any shortcuts and never damage or allow others to damage either.

Who You Know

“It is not What you know, but Who you know that counts”

Building good solid relationships is an important aspect of building a successful online business. Working hard at building good solid business relationships is worth every minute of time that you invest in it. Business relationship building should be one of your top priorities.

There are several ways in which to accomplish this task. One way is to participate in teleseminars or webinars that are related to your business.

You will learn a lot, of course, but equally important, you will come in contact with those who are already succeeding in the niche market that you are working in.

Find A Good Mentor

One of the most  valuable asset that an internet marketer can have is a good mentor.  Someone who has already made all of the mistakes can help you to avoid making all of the mistakes yourself.

They have the wisdom that comes from experience to point out pitfalls and to help direct you toward the better of choices.

These potential mentors are looking for new comers who show that they have a right and healthy mindset, who are working hard at leveraging and who are well aware of how important it is to know all the players and the RIGHT people.

It short, the new comer most likely to get a mentor is one who is already working hard and helping himself and not looking for someone who can just smooth the way for him.

I truly hope this sheds some light on how importain a very good solid mindset is to starting and opperating a successfull online business.

If you have any questions or comments please submit them below,  thanks for stopping by, and best of luck on your journey, Bob

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