Network Marketing Advertising Ideas

Network Marketing Advertising

There are several different yet equally beneficial forms the network marketing advertisement campaigns can take and one of which includes the use of print ads.

Strategically placing the ads where they can be made assessable to many would give the business the exposure being sought to create the interest in possible prospects.

Well written and convincing material can be designed to entice viewers to explore further the campaign being advertised and this should give the business the leverage it needs to take it to the next level.

The buzz created will in its own way ensure the correct individuals are being reached for the purpose of generating participating involvement in the business.

Making use of other tools to promote the business such as through direct mailing systems, media adverts also help to generate the interest in the business to eventually form a strong network of marketers.

Providing the means for real interest on the part of the end customer in pivotal to the success of any business endeavor. Banner advertising and shorts ads are also tools that can generate these interests too.


Blogging is another great way to get a business or any other online endeavor the expose its needs to make it a revenue earning success. The foremost advantage of using the blogging tool is the natural platform it creates for the information to be expounded and reached by the masses instantaneously.

The feedback derived from the blogging tool allows interested parties the opportunity to explore the business possibility further without the hassle of having to go through unnecessary promotional material which may not be so genuine to start with.

The opinions being posted can be very valuable to the business if they are of a positive tone and capitalizing on this is not only cost-efficient but wise.

Blogging also helps to promote some level of creating a workable relationship and interaction where information can be exchanged for wide spread leads on the web and marketing opportunities can be made apparent.

Posting remarks on other blogs with similar niche markets can help to create hyper links to the individual’s own site and this in turn can add to generating more traffic to the site.

The more frequent the posting on the blogs the better exposure levels gained since this systems creates the ongoing exchange which will ideally attract even more interest in the endeavor.

The blogging tool also helps the make significant progress for any new or already established business as the gives way to opportunities for information to effectively reach the masses when the blogs are active, interesting and enticing.

The other interesting fact to note is that blogging is relatively free of any hidden costs and because of the fast pace the information posted is generated; there will always be new information available at any given time.


Article marketing-

The advertising exposure generated from such posting is invaluable and though it may sometime take an unpleasant turn it is still free advertising for the business.

Generating a high volume of traffic to any site is the intention for using the various marketing tools available on the internet. Article marketing is for some the best tool available for the purpose and is one of the more popular choices as a whole.

The goal would be to get the article featured prominently in any one of the directories where there is already a huge amount of traffic flow thus giving the article the exposure and increase in subscribers and even converting this into revenue earned.

Taking the time to create articles that are information packed and of high quality both in content and in design will then create the possibility of the individual being recognized as an “expert” in the particular area.

Through this recognition the material posted in the article will be looked upon as valuable information and thus gain even more traffic as more viewers will seek out the said site whenever they require bankable information.

Article marketing can also be used to build links and this is instrumental in getting the recognition of search engines. The search engines will automatically upgrade the site rating based on the amount of links it is able to feature through the interest in being tagged to other sites.

When the ratings are favorably adjusted, the increased traffic flow to the site will usually mean gaining more revenue through sales and subscribers to the site.

Using the resource box at the end of the article to ensure links are directed back to the host site is important in generating high traffic directed to the said site.

Most viewers don’t want the hard sell tactic on the onset of the visit to the site, therefore designing informative material within the article marketing tool will help to give the visitor a better understanding of the merits of what is being sold and convince them to take the next step.

Video Marketing-

Search engine marketers are all focused on one thing and that is to get as much traffic to a site as possible and using video marketing to address this challenge is one way of optimizing this exercise.

As a large percentage of online viewers opt for some form of information sourcing through the visually stimulating channels, video marketing has been able to prove its worth over time. The following are just some evidence that clearly shows the reasons for its popularity:

  • Having the potential to go viral because of the availability of the current social networks in place creates the increased exposure needed for the site.
  • The costs involved are relatively low when compared to other marketing tools. It is also fairly simple to actually accomplish doing a video for marketing purposes without much fuss and this is an attractive element to the new and cast conscious business start up.
  • As videos are gaining momentum in the popularity platform for effective marketing tools, they are now also an acceptable tool that is featured in search engine results.
  • A significantly huge number of people enjoy this form of acquiring new information and opt for this method to stay informed of the latest information posted.
  • It can also be used as a good branding tool as not many users have made the effort to design material using the video marketing tool, thus giving the individual the edge needed to stay competitive.

Creating video that have both low and high fidelity options ensure frustration levels are kept to a minimum when downloading the material.

Providing different format options is also encouraged as hardware differs. Include the website display for further reference to cater for possible subscribers.

Email Marketing-

Staying competitive is very important in any business environment and this is more so relevant when applied to the world of internet marketing. Using the email marketing tool is a good start in the right direction. This style of direct marketing a message is both quick and effective when comparisons are made with other available platforms.

Positive changes that could contribute to a better state of affairs reaching the target audience with email marketing strategies will provide several positive and beneficial liaisons.

Some of these include enhancing the relationships of the merchant and customer pools, encouraging the customer loyalty and thereby effectively ensuring repeat business.

There is also the avenue to pursuing new customers this way as it creates the circumstances to reach the said customer base for the purpose of encouraging an immediate purchase.

Providing the customer base with complimenting information from other affiliates is also beneficial for the customer.

Through the email marketing strategies, information taking the form of email newsletters can be both informative and relationship building as the customer will be kept well-informed while at the same time addressing the customers’ needs.

Transactional emails are also helpful in providing the means for the customer to respond accordingly to the merchant, such as dropped basket messages, purchases, order confirmations and many more.

The direct emails are mainly used for the purpose of informing customers of current promotions, announcements, momentary special services available among others.

Most individuals using this tool have found it to be very helpful in tracking the returns on investments and its often only second best to search marketing.

Being able to reach a wider audience base is also another positive attribute of this emailing tool. Countering these, are also disadvantages which contribute to the ineffectiveness of the whole process. This includes the ability of the customers being able to block mails and also the possibility of contravening spam laws.

Pay Per Click Ads-

The pay per click is often perceived as an expensive option but if properly used it can generate the income desired in a short period of time and with comparatively little effort.

Pay per click can provide immediate results and this is often a desirable advantage when the host is trying to gauge its success rate.

Featuring the pay per click advertising on search engines such as Yahoo, Google and MSN will generate the clicks in a much quicker fashion. This is only as effective as the amount of money being allotted for the placement, design and location where the site is to be posted.

The pay per click style of marketing on the internet allows the individual to have complete control as to how much money is to be spent on the entire posting from the designing to the eventual budget for advertising.

The choice made for location and search engine preferred can also be done by the individual and does not depend on outside factors to influence these points.

Being able to identify and focus on a particular geographical target audience is also another interesting point the pay per click tool caters to. Based on the marketability of the product being featured the host can place the advertisement with specifications that allows it to respond to web browsers form a particular location or demographics.

This is especially beneficial if the said product or service is only usable or functional to fit that particular target audience.

Using Banner Ads-

Banner advertising is another tool that is often used to get the recognition of the product or service to the attention of the viewing public. Having its own merits, the banner ads tool has proven to be effective in its own way.

There are a few options available as to how to capitalize on the use of banner ads. The banner ads can be used as pay per click or flat rate payments styles.

This would mean the banner ad gets the viewing public’s attention when they click on the sites that have the ads featured or when directly click on the banner.

The banner ads can be posted on other sites for a nominal fee, and having a competitively appealing ad can help to create the necessary interest in what is being featured.

Also, being able to narrow down the target audience and the focus on this chosen audience helps to get the ads to the intended prospects without too much hassle.

Using the link exchange, back links and submission of websites will effectively work towards garnering the necessary traffic interests which should eventually convert into actual revenue earning power.

Some things to consider when designing an impactful banner ad would be as follows:

  • Of course making the ad as attention grabbing as possible within the first few seconds is crucial to ensuring the viewer takes the trouble to continue giving it their undivided attention till the end of the ad Making use of fairly large logos or theme designs will also contribute to brand awareness which in turn will cause the viewer to immediately and favorably connect to the idea of its possible content.
    • The use of “attractive” looking people to be feature in the ads is always welcomed and most people like to look and admire such individuals. It also subconsciously works towards some unspoken connection that could work in the favor of making the ad relatable.


Social marketing-

As social marketing is a platform that allows several different tools to be used it is often the popular choice made by those who are interested in getting as much exposure for the sites as possible. These tools may include videos, blogs, photo sharing sites, social networking sites and bookmarking websites.

The increased visibilities these tools can provide will effectively distribute the information posted thus making the social marketing style one which ensures links back to the host site. With creative and interesting content featured the site will have almost no problem attracting visitor to the site.

With better targeting opportunities through this tool, the segment of internet users can be better filtered and thus limiting any wastage of time and resources.

The various parameter elements and tools on the social media website are usually able to create the increased level of visibility needed. This target style of a specific group can also contribute to the awareness of the personal branding concept.

The ROI is also considerably higher when compared with other options available for the furtherance of an internet foray because the only real commitment would be the time invested. Being free and efficient does have its attractive advantage.

The skills required for the use of the social marketing platform is also comparatively less, as other tools in most cases require some form of informed knowledge of the workings and positive attributes of the said tool.

The social marketing platform does not require any technical skill and thus can be designed and used by anyone online.

Strong basic communication skills would suffice in making the site a success with this style. It allows the individual to successfully build the brand and site at a chosen comfortable pace.

Another positive angle the social marketing attributes is the human touch or contact it allows. This is because the information is directly exchanged where others may take on the form of continuously directing banner ads and link ads to the viewer which in turn cause undue frustration and eventual annoyance.

The most important element to concentrate on is to ensure the participation consistency requirements and the impact the product can have on the participants. This positive impact should ideally become a convincing tool from the very onset of the face to face opportunity. Face to face marketing and all of these other methods can be a very exciting tools to use if done well.

Network Marketing can be a very exciting endeavor if done properly.

I hope you can see all the different advertising ideas you have to choose from.

To your great success on your Network Marketing journey, Bob@Lurnprofit

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