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Outdoor Cooking & Grilling Tips & Tricks - 25 private label articles

Why is Barbequing So Popular?
Your First Charcoal Grill
Wading Through Various Grill Features
Using Gas Grills
Using a Charcoal Grill
Tips for First Time Grill Owners
Tips for Better Barbequing
The Benefits of Barbeque Gas Grills
Summer Grilling
Stainless Steel Gas Grills
Properly Cleaning Your Grill
Planning The Perfect Barbeque Party
Planning a BBQ Clambake Party
Plan a Perfect BBQ Party
Picking Your First Natural Gas Grills
Picking the Right Grill
Natural Gas Grills
Grill Features
Gas Barbeque Grills
Eliminate Outdoor Cooking Mistakes
Different Types of Barbeque Grills
Choosing Your First Outdoor Barbeque Grill
Broilmaster Gas Grills
Barbequing: An American Tradition
Barbeque Maintenance Tips

Sample article:

Resell Rights & PLR Exposed - 25 private label articles

Buying Private Label E-book Resell Rights versus Writing Your Own
Make Money Selling Private Label Software Programs
Make Money with Private Label E-book Resell Rights
How You Can Make Money without Endless Hours of Work
Looking to Work from Home? Make Money with Private Label E-book Resell Rights
Make Money by Creating Private Label Products
Make Money Selling Products That You Didn’t Even Create
Make Money with Private Label E-Book Resell Rights
Private Label Resell Rights: Choosing a Product
Private Label Resell Rights: What You Need to Know
Private Label Resell Rights: Your Selling Options
Private Resell Rights: What They Are and What It Means
Retired? Make Money Selling E-books
Retired? Make Money Selling Private Label Software Programs

Software Developers: Make Money by Selling Your Product’s Resale Rights
Stay at Home Moms: Make Money by Selling E-books
Stay at Home Moms: Make Money Selling Software Programs
The Advantages and Disadvantages of Private Label Resell Rights
The Benefits to Creating Your Own Website to Resell Private Label Products
The Downside to Selling Private Label Products on Online Auction Websites
Use Classified Ads as a Way to Sell Your Private Label Product
Using Private Label Article Resell Rights to Your Advantage
Want to Work from Home: Make Money Selling Private Label Software
Writers, Make Money by Creating and Selling Private Label Articles
Writers, Make Money with Private Label E-books Resell Rights

Sample article:

Airport Security & Survival Tips - 25 private label articles

Common International Air Travel Rules
Albany International Airport
Albuquerque International Sunport
Atlanta International Airport
Bahrain International Airport
Dulles International Airport
Narita International Airport
Sacramento International Airport
Strasbourg International Airport
Flying Internationally With Kids
How to Learn More about Your International Airport
International Airports versus Domestic Airports
Overseas International Airports: What You Need to Know
Preparing for Your International Flight
Services and Features Offered by Most International Airports
The Importance of Familiarizing Yourself with Your International Airport
The Importance of Staying Calm on International Flights
The Importance of Understanding All International Air Travel Rules
Perth International Airport
Des Moines International Airport
Louisville International Airport
Miami International Airport
Norfolk International Airport
Philadelphia International Airport
Syracuse Hancock International Airport

Sample article:

Skin Health & Getting Rid Of Warts - 25 private label articles

Advantages and Disadvantages of Undergoing a Professional Wart Removal
Home Remedies for Removing Unwanted Warts
Learning More about Warts and Wart Removal
Over-the-Counter Wart Removal Products
Over-the-Counter Wart Removal Products: The Importance of Reading Directions
Popular Over-the-Counter Wart Removers
Professional Wart Removal: Often Covered by Insurance
Professional Wart Removal: What You Should Know
The Advantages and Disadvantages of At Home Wart Removal
The Advantages and Disadvantages of Home Remedy Wart Removals
Wart Removal with Duct Tape: Does It Really Work?
The Dangers of Buying Unknown Wart Removal Products Online
The Most Common Types of Warts
Consultation Appointment For A Simple Wart Removal
Wart Removal for Children
Wart Removal with Duct Tape: Does It Really Work?
Warts: What Are They?
What to Consider Before Trying to Remove Your Own Warts
Saving Money Removing Warts
Your Wart Removal Options
At Home Wart Removal
Do Your Warts Need to Be Removed?
Caring for Your Skin after a Wart Removal Procedure
Finding a Wart Removal Doctor
Everything You Need to Know About Laser Wart Removal

Sample article:

New York Tourism & Living - 25 private label articles

Broadway Makes New York Sing
NYC Educational Entertainment
NYC National Parks Offer Glimpse of History
Planning your NYC Vacation Makes all the Difference
Relaxation New York City Style
Shop for Art off the Beaten Path
Teens in the City
The Blessings Of Vacations
The Incredible Value of the New York Pass
Coney Island a New York Must
New York Wildlife
New York Sports
New York Nightlife and Changing Directions
New York Fun Freebies for the Family
New York for Youngsters
New York for the Adrenaline Junkie
New York Dining on a Dime
New York City on a Budget It Can be Done
New York City of Diversity
New York City is a Shopper's Paradise
New York City is a Gold Mine for the Nature Lover
Great Places to Play in New York
Finding Bargain Basement Accommodations
Family Friendly New York City
Fabulous Fun for the Little Ones in NYC

Sample article:

Recovering & Preventing Lost Data - 25 private label articles

All About Data Recovery
Backing It Up With A CD Rom
Recovery For Your Hard Drive
Software Backup For Everyone
The Evaluation Process Of Data Recovery
Tips For Data Recovery
Where To Go For Data Recovery
Why You Shouldn't Try Data Recovery Yourself
Professional Data Recovery Services
Online Data Backups
Offsite Backup Advantages
Not Too Late For Data Recovery
Losing Your Mind With Data Recovery
Knowing Your Data Is Safe
Importance Of Recovery Planning
How To Back Up Files Correctly
Help With Data Recovery
External Hard Drive Recovery
Digital Photo Recovery
Dealing With The Loss Of Data
Data Recovery Procedures
Cooling Your Hard Drive
Computer Diagnostics
Backup Data Properly
Backup Data On Your Laptop

Sample article:

Newport Beach Tourism Guide - 25 private label articles

Adventures At Sea Newport Beach
The Wedge
Romance In Newport Beach
Pelican Hill Golf Course
Overlooking Newport Beach
Newport Harbor Art Museum
Newport Beach Shoppers Paradise
Newport Beach Nightlife
Newport Beach Gondola Ride
Newport Beach Food And Wine Festival
Newport Beach Christmas Boat Parade
Newport Beach Beauty
Newport Beach Aquatic Center
Little Inn Newport Beach
Historical Sites Of Newport Beach
Fashion Island Newport Beach
Family Fun In Newport Beach
Disneyland Resort Near Newport Beach
Crystal Cove State Park
Chimayo Grill In Newport Beach
Balboa Pier In Newport Beach
Balboa Fun Zone Newport Beach
Balboa Beach In Newport Beach
All Day Activity In Newport Beach

Sample article:

Becoming A Nursing Mother - 25 private label articles

Avoiding Foods While Breast Feeding
Benefits Of Breast Feeding
The First Six Weeks
Weaning From Breast Feeding
Your Nursing Area
Starting Solid Foods
Returning To Work
Refusal To Breast Feed
Reasons To Breast Feed
Poor Milk Supply
Other Foods While Breast Feeding
Low Supply Of Breast Milk
How To Use A Breast Pump
How To Choose A Breast Pump
How Breast Milk Is Made
Health And Diet
Getting Started With Breast Feeding
Engorged Breasts
Breast Feeding Toddlers
Breast Feeding In Public
Breast Feeding Complications
Breast Feeding And Positioning
Breast Feeding And Jaundice
Breast Feeding Adopted Babies
Breast Compression

Sample article:

Keeping A Tidy & Organized Closet - 25 private label articles

Closet Maid
Closet Organization Decisions
Closet Organization Tips
Closet Organizer Kits
Closet Organizer Software
Closets by Design can help you get that Closet under Control
Creating a Custom Closet Organizer
Custom Closet Organizers
Custom Closet Organizers for Children
Custom Closet Organizers for your Shoes
Custom Closet Organizing Ideas
Customize your Closet with a Wood Closet Organizer
Get that Closet Organized
How a Closet Carousel can Help you get it Organized
Installing a Custom Closet Organizer
Kolcraft Closet Organization System for Infants
Organize Your Walk in Closet
Professional Closet Organizer
Rubbermaid Products for Closet Organizing
Stanley Custom Closet Organization Products
The Best Closet Organizers
Types of Closet Organization Systems
Types of Custom Closet Organizers
Why you Should Organize your Closet
Wire Closet Storage Systems

Sample article:

Window Installation & Treatments - 25 private label articles

All About The Window Blind
Benefits Of Interior Wood Shutters
Wooden Shutters And Hurricane Protection
Wooden Shutters
Wooden Window Shutters
Wood Or Vinyl Mini Blinds
Vinyl Shutters VS Wood Shutters
Vinyl Mini Blinds
Venetian Blinds
The Benefits Of Wooden Mini Blinds
Styles Of Blinds Shutters
Selecting The Coverings
Saying Goodbye To Wood Shutters
Mini Blinds
Measuring For Mini Blinds
Introduction To Mini Blinds
Installing Shutters
Installing Mini Blinds
How To Buy Shutters
Exterior Shutters
Custom Shutters
Cleaning Mini Blinds
Buying Interior Shutters Online
Buying Budget Shutters
Building With Windows In Mind

Sample article:


Plus Another 250 Bonus Articles Added!

Easy Investing Advice - 25 private label articles

Are Penny Stocks for You?
Benefits of Using a Stock Broker
Are You Ready to Invest?
How to Diversify Your Portfolio
Losing to Win
Low Risk Stocks
Mutual Fund Basics
Mutual Fund Cons
Mutual Fund Pros
Reasons to Invest
Stock Market Gambling
Stocks verses Mutual Funds
Trading stocks online
What are Penny Stocks?
What are the Different Investment Types?
What are the Risks of Day Trading?
What are the Risks of Trading Penny Stocks?
What is Day Trading?
What is Stock?
What to Look for in a Broker?
What to Look for in an Online Trading Company
Why are Mutual Funds Popular?
Why Buy Stock?
Why Diversify?
Why Invest in Mutual Funds?

Sample article:

Smart Eating For A Longer Life - 25 private label articles

Becoming A Healthy Eater
Cooking with Oils
Changing How You Eat
Eating For A Healthy Heart
Eating Healthy During Pregnancy
Eating Healthy For Students
Eating Healthy For Vegetarians
Eating Healthy On A Budget
Eating Healthy On The Run
Eating Healthy On Vacation
Eating Healthy When Eating Out
Facts About Nutrition Labels
Fast Facts On Potatoes
Fight Stress With Healthy Eating
Healthy Breakfast Ideas
Healthy Fat Intake
Healthy Food Choices
Healthy Grocery Shopping
Kids Eating Healthy
Making Healthy Food Choices
Nine Facts About Fiber
Nutrition For The Elderly
The Healthiest Foods You Can Get
Tips For Healthy Eating
Tips For Healthy Holiday Eating

Sample article:

Finding The Perfect Job - 25 private label articles

Applying to Places Not Hiring: A Wise Move or Not?
Career Fair Job Hunting Tips
Career Fairs: A Great Way to Find Jobs
Calling Around to Find Job Listings: Good Idea or Not?
How to Get the Most Out of Job Hunting Websites
How to Spot Employment Scams
Interview Tips to Help You Land that Job
Job Hunting: Should You Lower Your Expectations
Job Hunting: The Importance of a Professional Resume
Job Hunting? The Importance of Looking Out for Scams
Job Interview Dos and Don’ts
Online Career Websites: Are They worth Your Time?
Online Job Hunting Websites: Why You Should Post Your Resume
Preparing for Your Job Interview
Questions to Ask During a Job Interview
Resume Tips to Help You Land That Job
Searching for a Job? How to Find Job Listings
Should You Apply for Jobs that You Are Not Qualified For?
Should You Hire a Professional Resume Writer?
Should You Pay to Get Access to Job Listings?
Unique Ways to Find Jobs
What to Do Before You Start Job Hunting
Why You Should Be Cautious of Newspaper Job Listings
Your Local Newspaper: A Great Place to Find Job Listings

Sample article:

The Truckers Essential Guide - 25 private label articles

Choosing the Right Trucking Company to work for
Common Tax Deductions for Owner Operator Truck Drivers
Films Featuring Trucks
Hours of Operation for Truck Drivers
Hybrid Semi Trucks
Owner Operator Independent Driver Association
Safety Tips for Truck Drivers
Save Time and Money with the Prepass System
Semi Trucks and Terrorism
Semi Trucks and Drug Trafficking
Should Trucks from Mexico be allowed in the United States?
Should you Purchase an Extended Warranty on a Semi Truck?
Should you invest in a New Semi Truck or a Used One?
Team Truck Drivers
The Differences between Owner Operators and Company Drivers
The Requirements to Operate a Big Rig in the United States
The Truth about Accidents Involving Semi Trucks
Tips for Truck Drivers to Save Money
Tips to Help Truck Drivers Stay in Shape
Truck Driving Shows
Trucker Talk
Valuable Skills you need to Succeed in the Trucking Industry
Ways to Increase your Fuel Mileage on a Semi Truck
What to Look for in Truck Driver Training Programs
Women Truck Drivers

Sample article:

Business & Marketing Strategies - 25 private label articles

Affiliate Marketing
Anonymous Visitor Marketing
Attributes of a Successful Selling Strategy
Creating a Corporate Image
Differences between Marketing and Advertising
Digital Marketing
Disadvantages of using email to sell
Doing Research on Marketing
Global Marketing
How to make a marketing campaign appealing?
How to write a winning sales letter?
Increasing the business with the help of Promotional Gifts
Marketing and Sales: What is the difference?
Marketing and Selling on Internet
Marketing Management
Marketing – Snail Mail Vs E-mail
Marketing Strategies
Marketing through E-mail and Issues Surrounding it
Mobile Marketing
Multi-level Marketing
Recognizing Target Market
Relationship Marketing
Selling to a Woman Vs Selling to a Man
Taming Customers though Promotional Marketing
Tricks to sell your product

Sample article:

Pro Golf Tips For Beginners - 25 private label articles

Are Callaway Clubs The Best Choice For You
Buying Great Golf Clubs Without Emptying Your Wallet
Choices You Face When Picking Golf Clubs
Choosing A Flex Rating For Your Golf Clubs
Choosing Between Graphite and Steel Golf Clubs
Choosing The Best Golf Club Brand For Beginners
Choosing The Right Club During A Game Of Golf
Choosing Used Golf Club Sets For Beginners
Choosing Used Golf Clubs To Start With
Easing The Pain Of Golf Club Selection
How To Choose The Best Golf Clubs For A Particular Game
How To Find The Best Discounted Clubs
How To Pick The Best Golf Clubs For A Beginner
Picking A Golf Club With A Good Swing Weight
Picking Golf Clubs To Complement Your Playing Technique
Picking Golf Clubs With The Right Feel For You
Picking The Best Golf Clubs And Accessories
Picking The Right Golf Club In Every Situation
Picking the Right Golf Club Shaft
Resources You Can Use For Picking Golf Clubs
Saving Money By Choosing A Half Club Set
The Basic Guide To Choosing Golf Clubs
The Importance Of Choosing The Flex In A Golf Club
Things To Consider When In The Market For Golf Clubs
Understanding The Basic Types Of Golf Clubs

Sample article:

Staying Healthy For Life - 25 private label articles

Cervical Cancer
Changing Your Habits To Help Back Pain
Childhood Obesity And How To Combat It
Dealing With Alzheimer’s Disease
Dealing With Stress From Work
Don’t Shortchange Your Efforts – Diet Is Important
Exercise Can Act As A Memory Booster
Finding An Acne Treatment For You
Fitness And Health In The Corporate World
Help For Depression
Help With Quitting Smoking
How Exercise Can Improve Your Sex Life
How To Get Moving, Stay Fit, And Stay Motivated
How To Keep Mentally Alert
How To Prevent Strokes
Keeping A Healthy Brain While You Age
Maintaining Healthy Gums
Men’s Health – Prostate Cancer
New Advanced Treatment For Fibroids
Preventing Medical Errors
Reasons To Improve Your Poor Posture
Staying Fit On The Go
The Horrors Of Eating Disorders
Where To Buy Workout Equipment

Sample article:

Higher Learning & Education - 25 private label articles

A College Degree is Nearly a Necessity
A Community College Education is a Good Start
Advantages of Universities
Are Student Loans Becoming Necessary Evils?
Associate Degree Vs. Bachelor Degree
Common Attendance Methods for Returning Students
Common Types of Financial Aid
Community College Advantages
Community College Disadvantages
Educational Savings Accounts
Financial Aid Options for Students
Financial Motivation for Two-Year Education
Finding the Right College Program for You
Free Application for Federal Student Aid
Graduate Degree Options
Great Reasons to Complete your Degree
Is an Online Education Right for You?
Online Education Offers Unparalleled Learning Freedom
Scholarships are Excellent Source of Financial Aid
Student Loans Should be Last Resort
The Benefits of Online Learning
The Dollars and Cents of a Four-Year Degree
The True Value of a Two-Year College
University Disadvantages
Why a University Education?

Sample article:

Hobby Of Hands Pottery - 25 private label articles

A Pottery Party fit for a Princess
Egyptian Pottery Ageless Beauty
Finding a Great Pottery Wheel
Finding Pottery Online
Giving Children the Gift of Creating Pottery
Giving Pottery Gifts
Great Places to Shop for Pottery
Great Uses for Pottery
Making Pottery for Business or Pleasure
Making Pottery Personal
Native American Pottery
Paint Pottery for Girls Night Out
Paint Your Own Pottery
Pottery Adds Decorative Flair
Pottery for Jewelry
Pottery for Storage
Pottery Kits for Potential Potters
Raku Pottery 101
Roman Pottery Forged its Own Path
The Beauty of Mexican Pottery
The Place of Pottery in a Tuscan Kitchen
The Rebirth of Pottery
The Shape Pottery Takes
Throwing Pottery is Great Fun
Wood Fired Pottery

Sample article:

Blogging For Internet Marketers - 25 private label articles

A Great Idea For a Blogging Web Site is No Longer Enough
Blogging: Consolidation, Debt, and New Information Technology
Blogging Teens
Blogging For Business Owners
Blogging for Profit Begins With a Long Term Plan
ASP.NET Blogging Software
Blogging 101
Blogging News Stories as They Happen
Choosing The Right Free Blogging Tools
How to Learn Blogging Software
If You are Already Blogging, Money May be Just a Click Away
Learning How to Make Money Blogging
Mobile Blogging is on the Cutting Edge
Personal Blogging, Documentary, and History
Picking The Best Free Blogging Site
Photo Blogging May be the Pinnacle of Modern Technology
The Controversy Around Corporate Blogging
The Definition of Blogging
The Exciting New Frontier Of Professional Blogging
The Pros and Cons of Video Blogging
The Right Blogging Platform For Your Needs
To Join a Blogging Site or Not to Join
What Is a Blogging Tory?
Using A Free Blogging Web Site
Your New Baby, Blogging, and Modern Motherhood

Sample article:


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What would you do for yourself if you had an extra $1,000, $1,500 even $2,000+ a month coming in each and every month from affiliate recommendations, a bigger mailing list and your own product sales?

Do you think you could finally take that vacation that you have always been dreaming of, or pay off some of those extra bills that have been holding you down for so long with that kind of extra monthly income?

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If you've had any dreams or desires like this, you'll never get them by contemplating and hoping... especially when opportunities like this are presented to you.

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Fast Action Bonus #1 - Blog Content Mastery

“Discover The Secrets To Writing Quality Posts That Visitors Hang On To...!”

Before you can write effective Article copy you need to be sure that you understand what it is you are really selling. I emphasized the word really for a reason.

If you think you're selling a product name or a service description, you’re only half right. Yes, you are selling a product or description ultimately, but that’s not what the Article should be promoting.

It’s not likely that you’re going to make a sale directly from your Article. Most marketers know this and that’s why they craft their Articles to strike directly at the heart of what Article is supposed to do.

An article is supposed to hit one of the psychological triggers that will cause the reader to be interested enough in your offer to click on over to your landing or sales page where the real selling is taking place. With Blog Content Mastery we'll show you exactly how to do just that!

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Fast Action Bonus #2 - Marketing Content Manual

“Finally... Maximize Your Productivity & Increase Traffic And Sales From EVERY Piece Of Content You Write & Distribute!”

Ask any successful entrepreneur the secret to drumming up website traffic and earning repeat visitors, and you’re practically guaranteed to receive a one-word answer: content.

Articles are content. They are the meat of your website; providing substance and value to both visitors and search engines. A website without articles is like a headline about alien babies on the cover of a tabloid magazine: easy to ignore. There is nothing to interest visitors in staying or coming back, and nothing to appease the search engine spiders into indexing your pages somewhere above the millions rank.

However make no mistake... there are millions and millions of websites out there on the web. You need visibility to get visitors. And the more visitors you have, the more sales you’ll make.

So before you start loading up your website with articles and sit back to watch the money roll in, you should understand that there are right ways and wrong ways to generate and use website content. This manual will explain the do’s and don’ts of article marketing and help you make the most of this powerful internet tool.


(A value of $27 - now included for free as part of your membership!)

Fast Action Bonus #3 - Fast Track Back Links

“Revealed! The Art To Rapidly Finding Niche Blogs To Leave Comments On...”

Getting links back to your website is a vital part of getting traffic and getting the search engines to take notice of you.  The search engines like Google, look at links back to your site as actual “votes” for your site.  Each link is a vote for your site being relevant and useful.

You’re going to want to use the comments that you received as part of your membership each month in conjunction with the information in this manual. This is going to be an extremely brief tutorial on how you can find blogs that you can then post comments on.

We'll show you how to get your comment immediately posted to the web as a comment on a webmaster's blog AND as a link back to your site/blog or it will go into moderation. Once you've nailed this, you can simply repeat the process for all 10 of your niches and link back to your blog and you’ll have instant back links, traffic and search engine spidering and rankings!

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Fast Action Bonus #4 - The Blog Comment Multiplier

“How To Maximize Your Backlinks Leaving Creative Blog Comments That Readers Love!”

As you know, blog owners can delete comments at will and they do so if they feel the comment is worthless or self-serving. You also need to remember that the majority of blog owners out there have their blogs in “moderate mode” when it comes to commenting.  Moderate mode means that they actually have to approve each comment before it ever goes live on the blog. Therefore it’s certainly in your best interest to make sure that your comment is of high value. So how do you get their attention?

This guide is going to be short and sweet with a few examples to show you how to write comments yourself that you can reuse time and time again. Instead of making this some long-winded and drawn out process, we’ve broken everything down into a 4 step formula for creating the perfect comment template.

We'll show comment tricks like leaving complements, segwaying to other information, using post snippets, and effective signing off techniques. We’ll go into each step in detail and by the end of this you’ll know how to write your own comments.  We’ll do this by way of example and explanation.

(A value of $17 - now included for free as part of your membership!)

Join The Ranks of Top Niche Marketers & Get Instant Access To 250+ Expertly Written Private Label Articles Every Month Plus Bonuses!

UPDATE! Now Includes 500 Articles Per Month In Your First 3 Months!

Monthly Value $5,000! (250 x $20 per article)

Normal Price $47/m
Your Price Only $10/m

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