Having The Right Tools For Affiliate Marketing

Tools For Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make money online, in part because there are so many tools that take away the tedious work. The more you use these tools, the easier it is to promote campaigns that bring profits. Below are some of the must-have affiliate marketing tools for beginners.

Keyword Research Tools


Having a keyword research tool is a crucial thing for an affiliate marketer. Not only do these tools help you find a profitable niche, it helps you find out how competitive that niche is. You can use Google’s AdWords Keyword Planner, which requires an AdWords Account and is free, or you can use a premium software program or service. While Google’s tool will tell you about related keywords and search volume, you don’t get much beyond that. Software programs come with a range of features that help you target your market and analyze the competition. Consider using the Google tool when you’re just starting out; once you are established and you have a better idea of how things go, you can make the step to software.

Analytics Tracking

Tracking software gives you a way to manage your promotions and measure your results. There are numerous products that claim to do this, but you should read reviews and read IM forums to learn about these products before you make the investment. There’s a big difference between tracking and web analytics software, mainly that analytics software only tracks performance without providing campaign management tools.

Link Redirect Tools

leaveIt’s best to think of URL redirection in the same way you’d think of call forwarding. When a visitor lands on your page, they’re sent somewhere else. URL forwarding lets you control the appearance of your links when visitors hover over them, and it lets you change affiliate orders without changing links. Redirects can help you protect your affiliate ID that’s found within these links, and there are numerous tools that help you accomplish it.

An Autoresponder

Affiliate marketers should always have an autoresponder. These third-party services manage your subscriber list and send them messages immediately or on a schedule. An autoresponder can track your email open rates and other marketing metrics, and you can use it in various ways. Send a single message to your entire list or send a series of emails that starts when a visitor signs up. Aweber is one of the most popular services for affiliates.

Web Hosting

Marketers don’t realize that most web hosts offer beneficial services. Nearly all of them offer niche site templates and monitoring tools, and some even offer comprehensive solutions. Hosting services often have site builders, like WordPress, that let you easily and quickly create niche sites. If you have not yet signed up with a web host, research the best options and find out which affiliate marketing tools they offer.

These are just some of the best tools you should include in your kit. Here, you’ll find most of the things you’ll need to succeed with your next affiliate marketing campaign.

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