How To Sell Products Online?

Different Ways To Sell Products Online

Once you create digital products that meet the needs of your audience, it’s time to get them out there and into those hands. Before you market what you have created, think about how and where you will sell them. There is more than one option.

Selling Products on Your Website-

That might be the first choice of someone who already has a web presence like a blog or a full site. But this is not the only option. Websites are easier than ever to set up with hosting companies that offer space, templates, management systems and the like so that all the hard work is done behind the scenes. This is all well and good if you are creating a place for readers to view your information and see what your business is all about.

Selling products is another story altogether. A website is not automatically fitted for selling. That will take some research and some extra steps. Plug-ins for shopping carts, delivery systems and email systems need to be added in order for your website to function as a full on e-commerce site. Several choices exist for each of these systems as well.

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Other Choices for Selling your Products Online-

EBay – This is the quintessential online marketplace for selling and buying. You can visit eBay and set up your own store separate from showcasing your products to sell at auction. A combination of auction and storefront might make the most profit. Since millions of people use this site, there is great profit potential. Best of all, the marketplace provides all the tools you need for promotion, collecting payment and issue resolution. There is also a forum as well as helpful content to get you moving in the right direction.

PayPal – PayPal is popular with a lot of folks who shop online because you don’t have to enter more than the email address associated with the account to pay. Credit card information doesn’t have to be revealed. Sites that offer this as an option have an advantage. And, opening a PayPal account to do business online is free and easy.

Amazon – is definitely making its mark on the Internet shopping world. Amazon is in the same league as eBay as far as visibility and traffic. Creating a page and getting set up here offers many advantages for you because much of the hard work of connecting payment and delivery is done.

Clickbank – You can sign up as a vendor to sell your products in their marketplace. Others who are looking to promote your product as an affiliate can sign up. This greatly increases your sales as well as their commission. The site handles payouts, offers payment options and shows you what to do to be successful with them.

These are just a few of the options for selling your products online.  Now lets get into another really great way to sell your products online.

Facebook PPC, Bing PPC and Google AdWords:

Facebook PPC, Bing PPC and Google AdWords are the three most highly trafficked PPC engines in the world. Mastering just one of these platforms can provide your company with a vast stream of profitable traffic.

Here’s a comparison of Facebook, Google and Bing, along with an analysis of what kind of companies should use each service.

Google AdWords-

Google AdWords is still the big gorilla in the PPC space. Though Facebook might have comparable traffic in terms of impressions, because of Google’s massively higher CTRs, the amount of traffic you can get to your website through Google is still considerably higher than Facebook.

Google AdWords has the advantage of being the most proven platform. On the other hand, it also has the disadvantage of being the most competitive platform.

Google will offer you more raw traffic than any other platform. However, in order to make Google AdWords work, you need an extremely strong sales funnel.

You need to have strong conversion rates, as well as a strong backend. Your earnings per click need to be high enough for you to compete in the AdWords marketplace.

Bing PPC-

Since the acquisition of Yahoo’s search market share, Bing has become a serious contender in the PPC space.

Bing has considerably less traffic than Google. Depending on the market, you can expect anywhere between one fifth and one tenth of the traffic you’d get from Google AdWords.

However, on the upside, marketers often find that Bing traffic converts better than Google traffic. Your ROI may be higher.

Bing users are different than Google users. Google users usually have to set their toolbars to Google, set their homepages to Google, download Google Chrome or manually go to Google. On the other hand, Bing users are people who tend to use Internet Explorer, the default browser, and just use whatever search engine is installed.

In other words, Bing users tend to be less technically savvy. They may also be less discerning when it comes to making purchase decisions.

All of this depends on the specific market you’re targeting and varies on a case by case basis. Make sure you test it all for yourself.

Facebook PPC-

Facebook PPC is just beginning to become a serious contender. Though Facebook has millions upon millions of views, the CTRs on Facebook are usually a fraction of a percent. Also, your visitors usually aren’t searching for your product.

Instead, they’re clicking on your ad because something caught their eye. Usually you’ll have a harder time selling to Facebook customers than search customers, because search customers are actively looking for solutions to their problems.

The upside, however, is that very few marketers understand Facebook marketing. If you can find a profitable campaign, you’ll have little competition.

These are the three most common and most highly trafficked PPC engines on the web. The one you choose depends on your product, your marketing tactics and your target audience.

Ok so thats all I got for now, I hope you got some good insight on how you can get your products online and start selling.

It truly is amazing how quickly we can learn the skills like this and start making a full income online for ourselves.

To your great success on your online business journey, Bob @ Lurnprofit

Please leave any questions or comments below.

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