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5 Ways To Profit With A Blog


If you are looking to make money online and you have a blog, then you are sitting on a gold mine, if you know the right steps to take. Blogs once started as a sort of online diary. You can totally transform your blog to fit a whole range of needs, from a place to house an online newspaper to a simple way to start an Internet business, and start to make money online in no time. The following five methods will help you make money from your blog, no matter what niche you are in and how you are using your blog.

1. Affiliate marketing

This is one of the easiest ways to make money from your blog, and the simplest to start. You begin by selecting an affiliate program from one of the popular affiliate networks. You can either post a review on your blog about the product (complete with your affiliate link) or post ads along the side of your posts (also with your affiliate link). Affiliate marketing is simple to implement because you don’t have to worry about writing a product. And the amount of products you can promote are endless, its pretty much what ever you feel you can handle, but I would highly recommend just starting out with one until you get the hang of things.

2. Selling your own product

If you feel there is a need for a product or service in your niche and want to create your own, you can add it to your blog for another stream of income. Advertising your own product on your blog is a smart idea. Your readers have already built a level of trust with you so they’ll be likely to be interested in your product, and you get 100% of the profit. You can link to your product’s sales page directly from your posts and display graphic ads in the sidebars of your blog.

3. Contextual advertising

Contextual advertising, like the type offered at Text Links, will help you make money from your blog without much intervention on your part. When you sign up with Text Links or a similar service, your blog posts will automatically have certain words hyperlinked. These links go to advertiser’s websites. You get paid when someone clicks on a link. Unlike with affiliate programs, you don’t get a commission on the sale but you do get paid whether or not your visitor buys from the advertiser’s site.

4. Other types of advertising

Google Adsense and other pay per click advertising programs will give you code to add to your website. These programs will display ads in the sidebars of your website. Anytime a visitor clicks on one of these links, you will get paid anywhere from a few cents to a few dollars depending on your niche. These ads don’t appear within the body of your post, but they are based on the content of your posts so they will be attractive to your audience.

5. Get paid for reviews

Once you have some traffic coming to your blog, you can be paid to post reviews. There are many different networks that link advertisers with bloggers. You simply find an advertiser through one of these networks and promise to post a review on your blog about the product or service. You’ll be paid a flat rate for your review. Be sure the product or service is relevant to your niche for best results with this monetization model.

As you can see, you have a lot of different options when it comes to making money online with your blog. Try one or all of these to see what works best for your niche.

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