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Social Media Marketing Strategys


Understanding that social media is not advertising is also an important distinction that needs to be made clear. Understanding that it requires a level of individual participation on a level that shows a personal touch is important. When participating the individual needs to be as them and not try to be something else as the relationship building factor plays an important role in social media platforms.

Social media provides for the involvement and support one is able to garner through the exchange of ideas with like-minded individuals. Being open and honest as possible when participating is just as important as the material being designed to be posted.

However, there is absolutely no need to conform in any way to the ideas and exchanges being feature as the social media platform exists for the honest exchange of ideas where other go to get information they need to address their own individual concerns and interests.

The various tools available such as blogging, social networking, podcasting and videos can be used to further the social media usage. Choosing one that most suits the needs on the individual will help to further the exploration of the social media tool and provide the necessary avenues for information exchange.

Due to its high popularity ranking through the continual use, the social media tool has become a very important part of internet communication. This is also popularly considered a powerful venue for advertisers to create interest and traffic for their respective products or business endeavors.

Using the social media tool the individual is able to build a network of core supporters which is pivotal to the success of the site and its traffic garnering efforts.

This will provide the expansion needed to ensure the site is kept relevant and popular for the viewers. When the traffic generated is of a high volume then the other advantage to be reaped is in the rankings carried out by the SEOs.

With good rankings the individual is able to be better positioned for access by viewers and therefore be at the forefront of any search possibility because of the visibility and online exposure element.

With most people being concerned about the eco friendly aspect of any endeavor, using the social media tool with adequately ensure this particular aspect is addressed.

As this form of reaching out to the customer does not require the use of actual tangible material such as paper and printing ingredients it is considered eco friendly by comparison.

When the individual is able to attract a fairly strong following through the social media platform the follow up processes would then be much easier. Periodically reaching out to the loyal customer base with new information, products or services would be a welcomed element provided it is not abused in any way or overwhelming.

Establishing one’s self as a formidable force on the social media circuit will create the following that will then ideally turn in to revenue for the individual.

The credibility built and the recognition gained will also facilitate the invitation to be featured on other sites as a guest and this will contribute further to avenues of spreading the individual’s wares.

Facebook Marketing

Although Facebook is still currently more popularly viewed as more towards non-business related activities one should not disregard this tool’s power to generate vast amounts of interest in anything and anyone posted on it.

The following are some very convincing reasons as to why the individual should seriously consider using the face book for business exposure purposes:

Branding – generating brand awareness is crucial to any business endeavor and using the Facebook tool will effectively provide this platform of exposure. The various different demographics phases it is able to reach will eventually translate into being able to reach the masses on one simple platform effectively.

Customer engagement – most people today would prefer to be able to engage or connect with other individual rather than machines, thus by using this tool, this style of engagement is made possible.

The interactive communication that the Facebook can provide maybe a welcome form of communication for some. Communications on the latest offering can also be done in this interactive manner.

Web traffic drives – this has proven to be a very competitive way to draw traffic to one’s site without the high cost some other online tools may require.

In some ways it is also considered a rather exciting way of communicating business information yet keeping it light and accessible.

Lead generation – being able to play an important part in the lead generation process is also another value added service the Facebook tool is able to provide for.

With the potential of the lead generation tool, quantifiable leads can be explored and expanded effectively and at a much quicker pace. Through the reviewing of prospects one is able to comfortably build a relationship which would then ideally lead to these prospect becoming loyal participants in the endeavor being touted.

Marketing On Twitter

Providing mostly real time interaction the twitter tool also has its contributing merits when it comes to using it as a tool for online business exposure.

Having the ability to reach the target audience in a non-threatening environment, the parties involved will be able to conduct the interaction is a more comfortable and easy going manner which sometimes can be beneficial element for potential business introductions.

Here are some reasons as to why one should consider the twitter tool for the furtherance of a business endeavor:

Interactive participation – as the target audience is already engaging one another within the platform being part of the exercise would then allow the individual to build a rapport with the others.

This will create some credibility elements that can prove to be useful when the information divulged is eventually sought after. This contribution to the general equation will also create a presence for the individual whereby the communicating experience can be channeled towards promoting the business endeavor casually.

Brand awareness – twitter creates and allows the emergence of business entities to keep their presence well within the awareness of all engaged on this platform.

Creating the constant awareness element and milking it for all its worth will eventually garner the interest that will keep the particular topic alive and well exposed to other interested parties.

Maintaining a competitive edge – the twitter platform is an excellent arena to keep track of what the individual’s competitors are currently engaged in doing.

This will then allow the individual to use the information learnt to either improve on his or her contributions or come up with more innovative ways to garner a bigger share of the market.

Engaging the target audience – the interaction element that twitter effectively provides is an unmistakably important tool which can and should be explored for the definite merits.

Responding to tweets is a non invasive way to presenting information that has been sought after in the first place.

Marketing Through Social Bookmarking

Simply put, the social bookmarking tool is generally a way of saving information through the bookmark style on websites and then tagging them with keywords to be retrieved at a later time. The convenience factor here plays an important part in making the tool a rather sought after one thus it current popularity status.

Due to the fact that most of the bookmarking exercise is done by other only to be retrieved by the interested party as and when needed the inconvenience of it taking up storage space on the individual’s system is eliminated thus making it a popular tool indeed. Also, the idea of being able to categorize information effectively and the save it with keywords is beneficial to the end user’s own reference needs.

Being able to establish a level of expertise through the effectives of bookmarking is something that is considered an asset for most business endeavors. The individual is able to tag particular topic that links to the particular matter being tabled and then utilize this choice through saving it with specifically chosen keywords. By doing this regularly with well-chosen material the individual is able to establish a following that is based on the respect they have for the material featured thus effectively creating the high interest percentages that should garner the desired revenue earnings to the individual.

Monitoring the competitor’s movements is also possible through the bookmarking exercise. This is mostly due to the fact that those other individuals would have taken the trouble to bookmark sites that they interpret as useful thus giving an insight to their line of thought and business tactics. The bulk of the work of sourcing and bookmarking material is done by others and this is usually a good advantage to have and to tap into.

Marketing On YouTube

Noted as being a platform for posting more entertaining style content, the YouTube tool should not be underestimated for its possible force in providing an effective avenue for businesses to gain positive exposure.

This platform can be used to promote the individual’s expertise and knowledge, marketing the products and connecting with interested parties or simply with anyone taking the time to view the presentation on the You Tube.

The following are some benefits of using the YouTube tool as a business marketing platform.

Being able to present material that is both interesting and attention grabbing through a demonstrative and authoritative style will positively create the sense of confidence in the product, business or service being promoted. Podcasts can also be turned into video presentation for added impact.

It can also be used to share tips or other valuable information which would be of interest to the clients and prospects in a way that would also be perceived as expert advice. This can be designed to look like an interview with an expert on the subject.

Using the You Tube community to further the business, service or product through the comments and uploading of video material will encourage the responses needed to create the awareness element successfully.

Setting up channels to reflect the brand using the URL tool is also encouraged which can include marketing collateral and social network profiles. To add to the credibility of the elements being touted the individual al can add on customer video testimonials and comments.

Posting a well-designed and informative video explaining the product, service or business is worth exploring thorough the YouTube channel.

This type of visual effects promotion out weights any written material by any standards. Showing previously documented successes is also recommended to further cement the positive elements of the presentation.

Online Forums For Marketing

Online forums are one of the best ways of fostering business awareness among the desired target audience. There forums create the access to being able to exchange ideas and information while at the same time facilitating the interaction element that gives way to discussions and other beneficial elements.

There are also instances where trouble shooting exercises can be done in an informative and non-threatening style which would ideally lead to a better understanding and collaboration on furthering the business entity. It would also help to create the sense of trustworthiness that is so important in today’s business climate.

Using the various different technology tools the forum participants are able to interact while providing information which may include scenarios such as message board forum, chats, instant messaging and many others.

All this can be done with the stubble guidance of the individual to ensure the moderations of the discussion and interaction so that the basic ideas of achieving the business goals are not adversely effected.

All these factors contribute to real time answers and solutions that other tools may not be able to facilitate well.

Through the internet platform the limitations of geographical confines have been erased to birth a new platform where there are no boundaries at all in existence for a business to grow and reach its target audience no matter where in the world they may be.

The possibilities are endless! So get out there and start taking advantage of whats given to you.

To your great success on your online business journey, Bob@Lurnprofit

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